PIRCO - Physical and Industrial Rehabilitation Clicnic of Oahu

· Mission Statement

  At the Physical & Industrial Rehabilitation Clinic of Oahu, LLC (PIRCO), we have a commitment to providing the community with quality experienced rehabilitation services in a supportive and safe environment. Our objective is to provide recovery, restoration, and return of individuals to their highest level of independent functioning in every day life and in the work force.

  Our primary goal at PIRCO is emphasizing participatory rehabilitation; focusing on self-management and functional outcomes. It is through our comprehensive approach and being a part of a multi-disciplinary team that we are able to provide our patients, clients, injured workers, as well as employers, with praiseworthy quality of services. At PIRCO, we have the facility which has been customized to provide "state of the art" rehabilitation, staff, resources, programs, and experience to successfully evaluate, treat, and follow through with physician/doctor prescriptions, nurse case manager, vocational rehabilitation counselor, and claims adjuster requests, which is important to you and to us.

· PIRCO Philosophy

  At PIRCO, our approach is one that is pro-active. Clients are encouraged to be actively involved in their own rehabilitation and care. We provide instruction and teach our participants self-management strategies for managing pain and injury by addressing the causes rather than focusing on symptoms and fostering a dependent environment.

  At treatment or program onset, our goal is to identify the aggravating positions or activities and provide effective education. We work together to identify the movements, positions, and activities that decrease or eliminate condition irritating factors while educating you in movements or positions that alleviate symptoms. Each client's program is tailored to their individual conditions and personality. We emphasize return-to-work strategies and encourage communication among the rehabilitation team, workers, employers, and insurance companies.

· Our Vision

  Our vision at PIRCO is to be the pre-eminent, independently owned provider of physical and industrial rehabilitation services within the Hawaiian Islands, a national leader for rehabilitation excellence and innovation in the delivery of care and patient/client safety, continually improving quality and the patient/client care experience, provide exemplary clinical care that sets a national community standard for excellence as measured by outcomes, and the employer of choice, providing a highly rewarding environment for our employees thus attracting and retaining the most competent, productive work force.


Meet the Staff at PIRCO:

              >>> John Mizoguchi, OTR/L     >>> Kristine Felix, OTR     >>> Nicole Tanaka, LMT

              >>> Dave Mols, PT     >>> Jane Cha, DPT     >>> Chelsea Lorenson, DPT     >>> Jessica Shrader, DPT

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